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30 Minutes

I used to manage the Lunenburg Visitor Information Centre and Campground and one of the most common things I would hear was, “We are only here for 30 minutes. What is a must-see?” This question always made me a little bummed out because there is so much to see and do in this incredible town, and county, that 30 minutes simply doesn’t do the potential experience justice. If I couldn’t change their minds, usually because of scheduling restrictions like getting back to a cruise ship in Halifax, I would suggest they go down to the waterfront. Seeing the Bluenose II tall ship, the wharves and all the colourful buildings are a must-see.

What I would have liked to say is that they would need days, if not weeks and longer, to do this region justice and that additionally, Lunenburg is so centrally located in Nova Scotia that it makes it a fantastic home base. One hour to the incredible city of Halifax, about an hour and a half to Annapolis Valley and even less time to some of the most amazing beaches in the province. That’s not to mention all the festivals, arts, natural beauty, shops farmers markets and delicious cuisine.

If I could plan their entire day, I would honestly just tell them exactly how I spend my days. One of my favourites is to pack up the car with beach supplies and head for the La Havre ferry (a drive-on cable ferry that crosses the La Havre River). Cross on the ferry and head to the La Havre Bakery for smoked salmon on a bagel and a brownie for dessert. This is a must-see! The food is wonderful, the building is fascinating, there is a crafters co-op in the lower level and a place to skateboard upstairs. It is such a neat spot! FYI: Make sure to use the bathroom while you’re there. The sinks are hand made pottery bowl-sinks from just down the street. Next, I carry on to one of many beaches. Crescent comes up first and is one of the only beaches in the province you can legally drive your car on. Next is Rissers, with a long stretch of beach, ample parking, washrooms, and a canteen. If you continued along, you would come to Green Bay, Cherry Hill, etc. All amazing! If you are of legal age, you can visit the beautiful Petite Rivieres winery before heading back. See?! This is only day 1 and you haven’t even seen The Ovens natural sea caves, Beach Meadows, or the ultimate paradise-Carter’s beach!

It is possible that no one loves this province more than I do, so I am super keen to share all that I can about it. Make sure to check back for more soon!

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