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Successful Study Tips for ESL Students

Studying for any subject can be hard but studying a second language requires extra concentration. Here are some successful study tips for ESL classes.

English is one of the most useful languages you can learn, and we believe Atlantic Canada is the best place to do it. Whatever your reason for studying ESL, whether it’s for business, university goals or moving to a new country, these study tips will help you on your way.

Find your why

It is important to work towards a goal consistently. Something triggered you to start learning English and remembering that reason will help provide motivation when you tire or the going gets tough.

Find your learning style

We all learn differently! One of the best study tips for ESL students is to find what works for you. Do you work best from visual guides, conversation with a friend or learning from books by yourself? Whatever helps you to reinforce your classes and learning is the best way forward for you.

Have a tidy workspace

We don’t mean to be a nag, but you really do need to have a clear and organized space for your studies. Working from your bed while your room is piled high with laundry will never produce the same quality of learning as studying at your clear and organized table. Studies show that less than ideal work environments can cause distractions and make you feel stressed so take 5 minutes to make your study area somewhere you want to be.

Make a habit of it

ESL students who are most successful schedule a consistent time of day for their studies. By building it into their routines, they make sure it becomes non-negotiable – they complete it every day and never miss a session.


Take a break

Even with the best intentions, you have a limit on how long you can focus on your studies. The average person can work at high intensity for 50-90 minutes before needing a break or they will start to lose concentration. Work hard, not long, then refresh your brain with a break.

Avoid Distractions

Our next successful study tip is to silence your phone notifications. While phone notifications aren’t the only thing that drags our mind and eyes from our studies, they are often an easy to fix cause of distraction. Find what distracts you and remove it from your study environment. Whatever it is can wait till your next study break.

Music Studies

Successful study tips always mention music, and with good reason, but did you know the type of music can help or hinder your progress? Listening to soft music in the background with few words can aid concentration as you focus. But listening to music that is loud can be distracting. Music with lots of words can drag your concentration, and if you are listening to music in your native language while you study English it is no wonder your brain can get confused!

Work. Study. Live. in Atlantic Canada

If you are looking for somewhere to study English as a second language, why not look at Atlantic Canada? Eurocentres Atlantic Canada is a unique experience which combines language skills and cultural exposure to give you a true Canadian experience. It’s perfect for those who are looking at relocation to Canada, wish to attend our universities or just want to experience something different while they learn. If you’re ready to start your English language journey, get in touch to chat with our amazing team.

Eurocentres – let language be your passport to new opportunities.

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