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If you are interested in attending a Canadian University but need to improve your English level, consider Atlantic Canada Language Academy for your English studies. At ACLA, we have developed partnerships with several Canadian Universities and Colleges to ensure our students have a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to completing their undergraduate degrees and diplomas. Our partners have established programs in Business, Education, Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, Nutrition, Science Communication, and much more. ACLA staff will help you to make the best choice of school based on your field of interest. Our University Pathway Consultant will liaise with your university, help you with the application process, and answer any questions that you have about going to university in Canada..

Did you know? Nova Scotia has the highest number of
third-level institutions per capita in Canada!

Meet our University and Post Secondary Partners


Wolfville, Nova Scotia


Average Class Size = 28

Over four million dollars in scholarships

200 Flexible Degree Options

80% of Programs are Co-op


3,628 Full-time (undergraduates)

176 Full-time (graduates)

339 Part-time (undergraduates)

359 Part-time (graduates)


Liberal Arts, Agri-Food and Beverages, Computers, Varsity Sports, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy.

Acadia University was ranked the #2 University in Canada (for Undergraduate Programs) by McLean’s magazine in 2014. The university offers more than 200 degree combinations as well as 2,864 courses spread throughout the faculties of Arts, Pure & Applied Science, and Professional Studies. At Acadia, the faculty to student ratio is 1:15, which lends itself to small class sizes with their countless award-winning professors.

Acadia has a large international student community, with over 50 countries represented throughout their student body. Professors use a hands-on approach which, combined with a technology rich environment and curriculum, gives students a competitive advantage. Students get the best of both worlds in that they are provided with top-level classrooms, labs, and field facilities that are characteristic of a much larger university, while enjoying the comfort of a smaller, quaint university town that is rich with culture and beautiful scenery. The community of Wolfville, Nova Scotia is known for its perfect balance of urban and rural living, giving students the opportunity to experience Canadian living in a better-rounded environment.

To learn more about Acadia University, please visit their website at


Sydney, Nova Scotia


4,518 Full-time (undergraduates)

475 Full-time (graduates)

518 Part-time (undergraduates)


Business, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Environmentalism, Public Health, Community Studies, and Engineering

At Cape Breton University (CBU) , we push the boundaries of innovation and thought leadership to create a global academic experience and build a sustainable future for our island.

Surrounded by pristine natural landscape, vibrant culture, and welcoming communities, Cape Breton University (CBU)  is home to nearly 5,500 students from more than 40 countries around the world.

We are committed to the future of Cape Breton Island, innovative economic development and sustainability programs, and Indigenous learning leadership.

CBU offers a comprehensive set of liberal arts, science, business, health and professional programs on the first energy self-sufficient campus in North America.

As a university that is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning, CBU provides students with the advantage of outstanding experiential learning and undergraduate research opportunities in a supportive academic environment.

Our programs, in diverse fields of study, consistently rank well above the national averages in faculty-student interaction and service-learning.

To learn more about Cape Breton University, please visit their website at


Moncton, New Brunswick


800+ (undergraduates and graduates)

Crandall University offers Bachelor’s Degrees in: • Arts • Science • Business Administration • Theology • Education They also offer a variety of certificate programs and graduate-level programs.

Crandall University began life in 1949 as the United Baptist Bible Training School as both a Bible college and a high school. For the next two decades, young people came from all over Atlantic Canada to study in a Christian context and to live in a Christian community. The school developed over the years and in 2010 became Crandall University.

The mission of Crandall University is that of Transforming lives through quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith. Crandall University is 100% committed to preparing your son or daughter for a position in their chosen field. Courses are taught by professors who are not only recognized leaders in their fields but who also love to teach and mentor their students. Their low classroom ratio of students to professors (13:1) ensures that you will receive lots of one-on-one attention and have the opportunity to get to know your professors well. You will graduate ready to have an impact and make a difference in their world.

To learn more about the Crandall University, please visit their website at

13:1 student to faculty ratio

Deeply rooted in the Christian faith

Progressed from humble roots in 1949


Waterloo Brantford, Ontario


15,600 Full-time (undergraduates)

1,100 Full-time (graduates)

3,300 Part-time (undergraduates)

1,100 Part-time (graduates)

Your Experiences Tell Your Story

Your academic life as a Golden Hawk is far more than classes, essays and exams. To make the most of your university education, you need a place to reflect on what you learn inside the classroom and connect it to meaningful experiences in other learning environments.

Experiential learning is a way for you to expand your knowledge and put it to use. Better yet, you can record these hands-on learning experiences on the Laurier Experience Record and graduate with an official record that you can share. It’s the first of its kind in Canada.

Supporting Your Personal and Academic Success

Your well-being is foundational to a meaningful university experience. From award-winning athletics and recreation programs to keep you active, to all the academic support and health and wellness services to help you thrive, we believe that developing the whole student will better able you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

To learn more about Wilfred Laurier University, please visit their website at


Halifax, Nova Scotia


2,431 Full-time (undergraduates)

140 Full-time (graduates)

571 Part-time (undergraduates)

661 Part-time (graduates)

Humanities, Child and Youth studies, Nutrition

The Mount is renowned for its wide range of programs and areas of study within arts, sciences, education and professional studies. One of the newest programs is the four-year Bachelor of Science (Science Communication), which will help fill a gap in Canada’s need for well-qualified science communicators. Other professional programs offered include Applied Human Nutrition, Business Administration, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Child and Youth Study and Public Relations.

In addition to MSVU’s 4-year Bachelor programs and 1.5-year Master programs, MSVU also offers 1-year certificate and 2-year diploma programs. Consider the possibility of transferring credits from your current university to the Mount and finish a Bachelor degree in only 2 years!

With Co-operative Education in all of MSVU’s professional programs, students gain the experience they need to be ready for the workforce. The Mount’s undergraduate degrees in Public Relations and Child and Youth Study are the only programs of their kind in Atlantic Canada. (

The Mount has been nationally recognized among undergraduate universities in Canada for our success in Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grants. The University has more than doubled the number of undergraduate students conducting research over the last three years, while graduate research assistantships have also increased. These unique opportunities can be life changing for students, opening up professional possibilities and new aspirations.

To learn more about Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), please visit their website at


Sackville, New Brunswick


Canada’s #1 undergraduate university by Maclean’s magazine more times than any other university.

Students come from more than 50 countries around the world

Student-to-faculty ratio 16:1

Over 45 programs of study

More than $2 million in scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid awarded each year


2,100 student body

110 student-run organisations

8 residences with their own unique personalities

9 varsity teams, 8 club teams, 10 intramural sports in athletics


Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, Music.

At Mount Allison, the faculty to student ratio is 1:16, which lends itself to small class sizesMount Allison University has been ranked the #1 undergraduate university in Canada by Maclean’s magazine for 21 of the past 29 years. The university offers more than 45 programs of study across 5 degree choices – Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, and Music.

At Mount Allison, the faculty to student ratio is 1:16, which lends itself to small class sizes with the average first and second-year class size being 41 and upper-year class sizes averaging just 14.

Mount Allison has a hugely international student community, with more than 50 countries represented throughout their student body. The massive 76 acres of campus is made up of 8 unique residencies and is nestled in a town of just 5,500 residents. With generous scholarships and financial aid available, students are keen to take part in the more than 110 student-run organisations along with the teams and club available on campus. Everything from the model UN to varsity dance. 24 hours in a day and you will fill every second.
Mount Allison has a hugely international student community, with more than 50 countries represented throughout their student body. The massive 76 acres of campus is made up of 8 unique residencies and is nestled in a town of just 5,500 residents. With generous scholarships and financial aid available, students are keen to take part in the more than 110 student-run organisations along with the teams and club available on campus. Everything from the model UN to varsity dance. 24 hours in a day and you will fill every second.

To learn more about Mount Allison University, please visit their website at


Antigonish, Nova Scotia


Ranked #1 – Best Reputation in Canada (Primarily Undergraduate) Maclean’s Magazine 2020

Ranked #1 – Helping Students gan skills & Knowledge for employment – MacLean’s Magazine 2017

93% Student Satisfaction


3,858 Full-time (undergraduates)

74 Full-time (graduates)

940 Part-time (undergraduates)

489 Part-time (graduates)

Liberal Arts, Climate Change, Environment, Political Science, Philosophy, Woman’s Leadership for Global Change.

St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) has a reputation as one of the finest undergraduate universities in the country and has consistently been ranked as the #1 undergraduate university in the country by external publications and surveys. At StFX, you will receive an academic education of the highest quality, focusing on intellectual and spiritual development, global awareness and a commitment to social justice.

StFX offers extensive programming options – you’ll love the flexibility to follow your heart in the selection of courses as you find your distinct and unique route to success. Small class sizes foster lively debate and discussion where your professors inspire you to achieve. You will be part of a thriving academic environment where community involvement is expected and encouraged.

Students choose to study in Canada for many reasons, including the vast beauty of our large country, our multicultural society, safe communities, and affordable education. StFX welcomes international students with open arms and provides them with many resources and supports to help make the adjustment to studying in Canada. With a large selection of programs spread out among Arts, Business, Education, and Science, there is no doubt that StFX will be the perfect choice for you as you move forward with your academic education.

To learn more about St. Francis Xavier University (StFX), please visit their website at


Fredericton, New Brunswick


230 year history

Students come from more than 100 countries around the world

Student-to-faculty ratio 16:1

Over 75 programs of study

More than $12 million in scholarships, bursaries, and financial aid awarded each year


10,000 student body

125 student-run organizations

16 residences with their own unique personalities

11 varsity teams, 20 sport clubs


Arts, Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Forestry, Kinesiology, Law, Leadership Studies, Nursing, Science.

The following are available at UNB:
Common Data Sets across Canada:
Additional websites and documents:

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Beautiful 140-acre home campus consisting of 30 academic, administrative, residential, and athletics buildings and facilities, the newest of which is the 76,000-square-foot Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building

International students come from 92+ countries and comprise almost 29% of the student population

Over 74 programs of study

Millions of dollars in scholarships and experiential study opportunities along with an active Student Union


15,000 student body

17:1 Student to faculty ratio

Plentiful opportunities to get involved with sports and other students, including an International Buddy Program

Stunning campus, rich with the 50+ year history of UPEI life
9 varsity teams, 8 club teams

Research, Medicine, Health and Wellness.

UPEI offers a wide range of programs and degrees to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Home to Canada Research Chairs, a UNESCO Chair in Island Studies and Sustainability, endowed and sponsored research chairs, and 3M National Teaching Fellows, UPEI offers its students access to exceptional faculty, researchers, and staff. Students come from all walks of life and from local, regional, national, and international locations to study and learn at UPEI. In the fall of 2019, international students from 93 countries comprised almost 29% of the University’s total enrolment of 4,926 students.

The University’s beautiful 140-acre home campus consists of 30 academic, administrative, residential, and athletics buildings and facilities, the newest of which is the 76,000-square-foot Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering building, which opened in August 2016. Athletics facilities have grown substantially over the past 50 years, including the UPEI Alumni Canada Games Place track and field facility; the Chi-Wan Young Sports Centre; a lit, synthetic-surface sports field; and the community-based Bell Aliant Centre, which features competitive and leisure pools, and MacLauchlan Arena with two NHL-sized ice surfaces. The campus also houses the National Research Council’s Institute for Nutrisciences and Health at the Regis and Joan Duffy Research Centre.

With millions of dollars in scholarships, international exchange and experiential study opportunities, an active Student Union, expanding graduate programs, and outstanding student-faculty interaction, the University offers its students an educational experience designed to help them reach their potential as future leaders. UPEI’s dedication to the highest standards in education is reflected in its alumni, who enjoy success in their chosen fields around the world.
To learn more about the University of Prince Edward Island, please visit their website at


In a rapidly changing world, you need to stay competitive. You want a job with financial security, but you won’t get that job without new skills and training. Maritime Business College has been a pioneer in career training since 1899. They develop new programs to meet the changing needs of industry, and update their existing programs to ensure that their students are expertly trained. Their graduates enter the workforce trained with the up-to-date skills that they need to excel. MBC provides practical, hands-on training delivered by experts in their industry. To ensure that their students are using the latest technology, every student starts with a new laptop computer. MBC offers career training in Bookkeeping and Accounting; Business Management; Medical Office Administration; Office Administration; Paralegal; Human Services Support Worker; Veterinary Hospital Assistant; and Veterinary Technician. To learn more about Maritime Business College, please visit their website at

Various sites across New Brunswick


Plentiful scholarships and bursaries

91% of grads are working within one year

94% of our employed grads are working in New Brunswick earning an average of $45,760 annually within one-year of graduation

Ranging from 400+ students at Fredericton campus to more than 1,400 at the Moncton campus 20% international students at some campuses Full-time, part-time and online courses available

Administration and Business, Civil Engineering Technology, Health, Information Technology, Social Sciences

Our diverse learning experiences not only offer an edge in the workplace, they position learners for greater impact in their communities and beyond. Through the NBCC Advantage, we create a sense of belonging through life-changing and life-long connections.
NBCC Learners are:
  • Employed and prepared for success
  • Contributing to diverse and inclusive communities
  • Life-long learners
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Valued and connected
To learn more about NBCC, please visit their website at
Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) is one of Nova Scotia’s largest and most diverse families. Each year, more than 25,000 students choose to grow and learn as they take part in one of the many programs NSCC offers. At NSCC, they believe that education has power; it transforms individuals, families and communities in extraordinary ways. Choose from a program within Applied Arts and News Media, Business, Health and Human Services, or Trades and Technology. NSCC makes things happen. They are growing the economy of Nova Scotia, producing highly skilled workers, and building communities. To learn more about NSCC, please visit their website at

Take the first exciting step in your new career journey with CBBC Career College! Explore our 13 program options offered within our 5 campuses, located in Dartmouth, Halifax, and Sydney, Nova Scotia – all of which focus on skills training for real jobs, that are currently in demand within our local communities. From the moment of our first encounter, CBBC is committed to seeing you reach your ultimate goal of success in your chosen profession, whether that be in a helping position within the health care field, creativity in the beauty industry, or excelling within a business or office environment. Start your new journey today!

Beta College of Business and Technology conducts programs leading to the award of Diploma and Certificates. Programs are designed to meet the demands of the Canadian labour market. The College is a member of the Ontario Association of Career Colleges (OACC) and the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC).

You want a better life. You need financial security but, even more important, you want a career that you can be passionate about. You want to take pride in what you do, and you want to make a difference. Success College is all about passion and pride. They provide career training in industries that make a difference…counselling, child youth care, law enforcement, medical administration, and many more. Their graduates pursue satisfying, rewarding careers that impact their lives and the lives of others.

Since 1893, Success College has been training graduates to excel in their chosen profession through hands-on, practical experience. With over 100 years of experience behind them, they’re confident that their model of career education has evolved to offer the optimal combination of classroom instruction, practical hands-on learning and on-the-job experience. They know that success depends on their quality training. That means relevant knowledge and practical skills taught by industry professionals. After an intensive three year evaluation process, Success College has been accredited by the Canadian Education and Training Accreditation Commission (CETAC). This is the highest accreditation possible for their industry, plus it validates that they offer career training at the highest level. In fact, Success College is the only classroom-based campus college in the Maritimes to earn this designation. As a student, this national accreditation assures you that their programs are among the best in Canada. It puts them among a select few.

Obtaining CETAC accreditation means that a college is considered to be among Canada’s best, as their quality standards have been validated by an independent third party. CETAC developed their high standards after more than a year of consultation with stakeholders including federal and provincial/territorial governments, private career colleges, other post-secondary education groups, and industry. Emphasis is placed on both the attainment of a high quality standard and regular self-evaluation to improve the quality of education and services provided (continuing quality improvement). These standards will continue to evolve and grow as a result of CETAC’s own process of continuing quality improvement.

To learn more about Success College, please visit their website at

Meet our Primary and Secondary School Partners

Grade: Junior Primary – 12 Established in 1958, the Halifax Grammar School is the leading independent, co-educational day school in Atlantic Canada. At Halifax Grammar School, they believe all students should discover their passions and develop their potential. Every day, they prepare students for university and for life by developing confidence and independence through a balanced curriculum in academics, athletics, altruism and the arts – because when young people truly recognize their reason and purpose in life, they always make the world a better place. Today’s Grammar School enrolls 500 students, encompasses two campuses, and extends from Junior Primary to graduation year. For more information about Halifax Grammar School, please visit their website at
Grade: 6 – 12 Founded in 1788, King’s-Edgehill is Canada’s first independent School. An International Baccalaureate School since 1979, King’s-Edgehill equips its students for university life around the globe, not only by developing academic rigour, but also by inspiring athletic and artistic excellence, strength of character and community leadership in a manner by which students know they are participating in “Personal” and not just “Private” education. School Mission Statement – “KES inspires academic, athletic and artistic excellence with a commitment to the traditional community ideals of gentleness and learning, dignity and re-spect, so that students may discover and cultivate their unique potential, prepare for post-secondary education and develop a life-long enthusiasm for the spiritual and intellectual growth necessary to flourish in the contemporary world.” For more information about Kings Edgehill School, please visit their website at

Grade: Junior Primary – 12

In 2016, Newbridge Academy became the first Gatorade G Academy in Atlantic Canada and Hockey Canada School.

Newbridge Academy is a private school committed to providing interactive, engaging and innovative academic and athletic programs.

Students at Newbridge Academy participate in an active and constructive approach to learning. Each day is filled with professionally instructed sport activities; curriculum delivery focused around modern students and implemented by engaging teachers licensed by Nova Scotia Department of Education. Students benefit from small class sizes, interactive learning, with an emphasis on creativity, activity and critical thinking.

Newbridge Academy is located in the Sackville Sports Stadium in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. The impressive facilities offered by the Sackville Sports Stadium give students the opportunity to participate in professional programming for sports and education.

For more information about Newbridge Academy, please visit their website at

Grade: Junior Primary – 12 Sacred Heart School of Halifax is a private school located in our province’s capital city of Halifax. Hosting students from Primary to Grade 12, Sacred Heart boasts great teachers as well as excellent preparation for university (and likely a scholarship to get there)! Students who attend Sacred Heart have a broad worldview, and want experience in building community, a spiritual foundation, and a thirst for ongoing personal growth spurred by proactively facing challenges in order to make a positive difference in our world. Sacred Heart Elementary School, Sacred Heart High School, and Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart are all pleased to accept applications from international students. Currently, they are hosting students from China, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Japan, and Korea. Students may attend NVLA before their time at Sacred Heart, or even during the summers when they do not have other classes. To learn more about Sacred Heart School of Halifax, please visit their website at
To apply for a study permit you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a Designated Learning Institute registered under number O19210345642
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