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Tour and Learn

Book your English language adventure in historic Lunenburg Nova Scotia.
– Immersive English community rich in music, art, nature and food.
– Book part-time in class, full-time mornings or private tutoring while touring.
– Our Teachers know our region and love to show you the best adventures while you develop your English Language skills
– Accommodations range from private hotels, apartments, houses and homestays all in the safest seaside community

You can enroll for 1 to 52 weeks of immersive learning while exploring our beautiful province! We have summer packages with accommodations, meals, excursions, language lessons, culinary, art, music experiences & more. Connect today at ACLA.

English Cultural Experience with Atlantic Canada Language Academy located inside the world UNESCO building the Lunenburg Academy built in 1895.

All social and cultural activities have been modified to be fully compliant with COVID-19 regulations.

Study and Vacation

Study & experience English with our highly accredited teachers in the mornings and adventure each afternoon in our local community in one of our electives from Art & History, Photography, Health & Wellness, Recreation, Music or Culinary adventures. Bookings should be made 8 weeks in advance for those in Canada and 12-24 weeks for those travelers requiring a travel Visa. ACLA will pick you up at the Halifax Airport and take you to your selected accommodations, provide you will a Town orientation tour and your class itinerary.  We have countless local volunteers and organizations we work with that will allow you a personal tour including maple products and discounts from our local partners. You will become ACLA Maple Alumni

Included in your pre-booked package will be choice of Homestay program with a local family that includes 3 meal options per day, or our residence that has shared kitchen and lounge area, bathrooms are private, residence package will require you to purchase a meal package. (Apartments are available at additional costs) Locally made food using fresh ingredients from our local farmers and producers. We can adapt to all dietary needs.

Create Your Schedule!

  • English Classes – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday mornings 9:00 am – 12:30 am on site at Lunenburg Academy or Satellite experience class
  • Tuesday & Thursday  1:30 – 4:00 selected electives Art & History, Photography, Health & Wellness, Sports & Recreation, Music or Culinary.
  • Additional group organized evening beach and town walks, nature tours and bon fires are all included.
    • These involve many community volunteers to support conversations and learn more about local community
  • 4 evenings per week with weekend group excursions (longer stays include trips to Halifax, Annapolis Valley and more, group rates available from ACLA)
  • Other programs for local newcomers and people traveling in the region from within Canada. Vacationers that love to learn. Single travelers or groups 
    • DROP in classes
    • If you have your own accommodations and transportation you can call 2 weeks in advance to see what program electives we are running and you can sign-up for a few hours starting at $150.00/person
      • We offer special rates for foreigners for afternoon interactive electives with no formal classes, purely conversational from $50.00 up depending on the length of time you wish to participate and the number of sessions. * We can support any experience 
    • English Technology use classes, learning the digital world (low level English learners) – connecting with local community starting from $50.00 

There are too many local festivals to mention but one each week nearby in the South Shore and we selected based on the weeks you choose. Our Coordinator will support getting you tickets to your own adventures with boat tours and waterfalls. Weekly on Thursdays the class begins at the local Farmers market that is over 80 years old. The school has the Library for students to use fully during their stay. Our days are full of learning about Atlantic Canada history, communities and culture while you learn more English to support your travels, studies or work.

You will make new friends with local people, learn about language and life in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, walk on beaches and sail into the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. This while experiencing world class teaching from our incredible diverse team of teachers and facilitators. Experience art, music and food from award winning people that will make your feel like you are home. Take our free online English assessment to see what level you are at today. This helps our team place you in the right level of program with peers from other Countries. 

Welcome to ACLA where Lunenburg is our Campus and your classroom! Your learning adventure starts here. 


Packages are dependant on if the person is here in Canada or requires transportation.

Adult all age programming year round – additional summer travelers

Programs are from age 16 + with group in summer from 16 – 18 programming

  • Minors have requirements
  • Insurances need to be in place for international travelers
  • Seniors programs

All prices will have airport additional charges $150.00 one-way and selected accommodations pricing depending your choice

Accommodations 1. Homestay – with a local family living in their home experiencing Atlantic Canada culture firsthand. includes 3 meals per day 2. Residence – we use several local hotels with great personal rooms and a share kitchen eating area with shared lounge. options for private room with bath or shared with roommate and private bath. prices vary by date and choice. 3. Rent local furnished apartments this range is market dependant from $700 – $3000 CDN per month with no food included. We can refer you to local places we have partnerships with.

* All clients must show legal passports, or Canadian legal ID, have Covid vaccinations, pass criminal security checks for homestay,

** other conditions will be discussed as most packages are booked in advance

*** NO – HST as we are a Designated Learning institution DLI  0192 103456 42

Note accommodations, excursions and restaurants will have applicable taxes for services and products

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To apply for a study permit you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a Designated Learning Institute registered under number O19210345642
97 Kaulbach St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
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