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What is Online Learning?

Online Learning  is our amazing online program that replicates our combined classroom and cultural learning style. Think social activities (Beach Day!), more culture (live music!) and more engagement (fun, fun, fun!) It includes all the academic elements of our classroom experience: reading, writing, listening and speaking AND all of our 21st Century Skills, which are a key part of our teaching methodology. Get a taste online, then enjoy the flavours when you visit!

Overview of Course – Online Learning

We offer several programs utilizing the previously described methodology (live virtual classes, group work, private tutoring, and self-learning). Our unique world-wide bridging program allows students to transition from the online learning to the classroom based learning for the full immersion experience.*

We currently offer the following courses:

      • English and 21st Century Skills
      • Academic English and IELTS preparation
Luneburg Live blends mediation skills such as critical thinking, negotiation, digital literacy and communication in different environments. To reach this academic objective, we included a combination of:
      • Virtual live classes
      • Self-learning
      • Group work
      • Private tutorials

Online Programs

Level A1-A2: class runs 11:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. = 4 lessons (50 mins each)

  • 1.5 lessons as independent studies (asynchronous offline delivery)

  •  2.5 lessons as face time with teacher (synchronous online delivery)
  • Monday to Friday

Level A2+-B1: class hours are 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. = 4 lessons (50 mins each)

  • 2.5 lessons as face time with teacher (synchronous online delivery)
  • 1.5 lessons as independent studies (asynchronous offline delivery)

Level B1+-C1: class runs 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. = 4 lessons (50 min each)

  • Pathway program

  • Monday to Friday

    Evening Option – (8:00 pm – 11:30 pm Atlantic Canada Time)

Our Online Learning  Experience is part of our Canadian English Online Course.  Learn to cook, play music or simply join in on some afternoon fun all while practicing your English online!


“At Atlantic Canada Language Academy we are focused on delivering the best learning experience we can for our students regardless of where they are in the world. Our highly skilled educators have developed a unique on-line program offering local Canadian experiences from our region and our culture. Our award winning program allows our online students to feel like they are immersed in learning English in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.”

Michelle Alcorn
Atlantic Canada Language Academy


Join our cooking class and discover some of the foods we love to cook in Canada!


Play music, sing songs, and practice English while creating sounds.


We love to have fun! Join us for coffee, a stroll to the market or simply being silly!

Course OverviewIntensive
Live virtual lessons per week **10
Group work sessions per week5
my.eurocentres access & study resourcesyes
Private tutorials1 every week
Student fun virtual activitiesweekly
Individualized study planyes
Guided self learning based on student's levels and objectivesyes
Regular language & 21st Century Skills assessment and performance trackingyes
Eurocentres Language Certificate of Completion based on CFERyes
Orientation with our student services coordinator; virtual touryes
General English & 21st Century Skills
Academic English & IELTS preparation

* available at such time as COVID-19 rules permit international travel and in-class instruction.

** Our lessons last 45 minutes.

*** The daily lessons start at 8am and are delivered consecutively. The time for English and Academic English courses are based on Canadian ADT time.

Group Work

The online environment can often be perceived as a barrier to collaboration and interaction between learners. For this reason, we added five group work sessions per week, and in order to maximize interaction between students. Students practice specific exercises together, improve their spoken fluency skills, prepare for the next live sessions, and work on mediation skills based on activities given to them. Their teacher then has the option to join the live group work session to guide students.

“I’ve had an amazing time in Atlantic Canada Language Academy in Lunenburg. The school features a friendly atmosphere, attentive staff, highly qualified teachers and awesome excursions that allow you to enjoy the best of Nova Scotia’s activities, food and fun.”

Thaís Cristina Miranda
Atlantic Canada Language Academy

Private Tutorials

Every week, students have a short private tutorial with their teacher. Tutorials are designed to accompany students in their learning journey, notably by providing support and guidance.

Depending on the need of each student, private online courses can be added to the program. It can help students understand specific areas of improvement they have identified with their tutor.

“I must thank the Atlantic Canada Language Academy. It was the best experience in my life. The Town of Lunenburg is amazing and the people really friendly. The school is excellent, and the staff is also extremely helpful with really good teachers. I improved my English a lot studying there. I strongly recommend Atlantic Canada for anyone who wants to improve their English.”

Daniel Mangabeira
Atlantic Canada Language Academy

To apply for a study permit you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a Designated Learning Institute registered under number O19210345642
97 Kaulbach St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
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