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Why you should tour and learn in Atlantic Canada!

Vacation? YES please, where? When? How long? What will we do? What language do they speak? Do they speak English…?

Sound familiar?

These are the immediate questions from people we are travelling with. English is a global travel language, and many people are engaged at many levels of learning. Whatever your level, it’s a great step as you are taking the time to learn another language.

Let’s talk English; we are Atlantic Canadian after all! We also love to travel and to welcome guests here to our special place in the world.

People of all ages have traveled to learn languages and today is no different. As we navigate from not travelling as much over the last couple of years, people are ready to explore the world! We have a couple from Switzerland that came for 5 weeks to stay in Lunenburg area and practice their English. They studied 4 mornings a week in class and travelled the region on weekends. They had an incredible trip and are very proud to have certificates they can proudly display at home along with stories to share.

Some travellers study part time or take private lessons from one of our incredible ESL teachers who share their love of adventures.

We offer the full package when you are vacationing

Here are some of the benefits!

  1. Amazing people
  2. Incredible place
  3. Great food
  4. Lots to do
  5. Culture & Community

Come study & play with us at ACLA Lunenburg where you will be immersed in an amazing world UNESCO World Heritage town. Listen to local music, tour incredible art galleries, eat the best seafood and fresh farm ingredients along with a winery or beer tour to finish a day of kayaking.

Our hybrid of tourism and language learning is the best vacation you could ask for!

Call us and we will show you how.

This is how Google defines the industry – LOVE IT!

“More than telling a story, talking about a place, it is selling a product and making communication come to life. This idea is the reason why people travel to a destination and also the reason why they return. Language in tourism and cultural differences should not be viewed as a barrier.”

We will create an experience you can tell all your English friends about and make a few new ones along the way.

Become an ACLA Alumni and explore learning English with your family, friends or the best journey, on your own.

Marie from Europe told us she had the “best experience, culturally, making friends, learning language and felt safe and welcome during her 4-week stay this Spring. She has made friends from around the world for life.

You will learn English but, even better, you will enrich your knowledge of many cultures with your classmates as you learn along side of other students.

You know you want to come! Join us any Sunday online on our weekly cooking club and meet some of our team and students along with our global foodie friends.

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