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Our Top Reasons to Learn English as a Second Language


Let Language Bring Us Together

The recent world crisis has brought one thing home – we are all connected, and far more than we often recognise. We are now and will continue to be a global population and with that, we experience such wonders as studying and working abroad with those from across the globe. Current events show us how cosmopolitan we truly are, so use this time to improve your language skills, opening more avenues to explore once restrictions are lifted.

Why Should you Learn English?

There are so many great reasons to learn another language. Humans are social creatures, and communication with others is a key part of living a satisfying life. With each language you learn, you open a whole new world of communication and interaction. One of the more popular second languages to learn is English because of the wealth of opportunities it can bring.

Approximately 375 Million people speak English in over 60 countries across the world! With this number constantly growing, you might be asking yourself “what is so great about learning English?” Here are a few of our favourite reasons to learn English right now!

Helps Improve Brain Function!

Learning a new language is like exercise for your brain. The more you practice, the healthier and stronger your brain will become. Our brain health is remarkably like our physical health. Just like the rest of our bodies, our brains need exercise in order to stay healthy.

Speaking more than one language can help keep our brains in great shape for longer and boosts overall brain function. So, learning the English language is a GREAT way to help keep your brain healthy and happy!

To Further Your Education

As we mentioned, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. Most of the world’s most prestigious Universities and Colleges are in English-speaking countries such as England, the USA, and Canada.

To attend these schools, you will need to be fluent in English to a strong academic level. Studying at Atlantic Canada Language Academy can help you achieve that, and we are proud to say our students leave feeling comfortable and confident in their newfound language skills. 

Our Pathway Program is ideal for students with strong academic grades who are struggling with English proficiency. Our teachers help students elevate their English skills to the level required to gain acceptance to their desired school. For more information about our Pathway Program and the Canadian Universities and Colleges we are partnered with, click here!


Increases work opportunities

Within the business world, English is recognized as one of the most prominent languages. Having English fluency on your C.V. will help you acquire high-paying jobs in international companies and will help you perform to the best of your ability once you are in the role.

If you hope to one day immigrate to a country that recognizes English as an official language, many jobs will require strong spoken and written English. The stronger your English is, the better your job and pay prospects will be and the more countries will welcome you.

Helpful when you travel

International travel has become increasingly popular in recent years and most of the popular destinations speak English either as a first language or as a widely spoken second. Being able to speak such a commonly known language can be very handy if you are traveling, whether it is to communicate with locals or organise transportation.

Did you know, there are over 6500 spoken languages in the world? Let’s break that number down by country. There are 195 countries in the world and of those, 67 of them recognize English as an official language. That means that by learning English you can now communicate with 35% of the world population…which is over 2.5 BILLION people!! Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, being able to communicate with over 2 billion people will certainly make the experience more memorable.

Heightens Social & Entertainment Experiences

Whether you like music, movies, or TV shows, a large part of the entertainment world is dominated by English. By learning this language, you will open yourself up to a whole new world of life encounters. Remember those 2.5 billion people English allows you to communicate with? You can now experience a wide variety of media, arts, and entertainment with them too. Not to mention the events such as concerts, festivals, and gallery exhibitions which become so much more powerful once you are able to understand and appreciate them.

Whether you are looking to travel, work, further your education or just embrace more of the worldwide culture, English can be a valuable way to open so many doors. When the world reopens, opportunities both old and new will arise, so use this time wisely to make sure you can embrace them. If you’re ready to start your English language journey, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

ACLA – let language be your passport to new opportunities.

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