Why Canada is the Best Place for ESL Students


The world is a vast and exciting place filled with opportunities… so many opportunities that it can sometimes feel hard to commit to a life-changing decision. You could study English across the globe, but there are some great reasons why you should choose Canada.

It is well-established that to truly become fluent in a second language you should live in a country that predominantly speaks that language. There are 55 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities where English is an official language so that doesn’t narrow the field very much, but we have plenty of reasons to choose Canada.

Education Standards

Our education standards are phenomenal year after year with all our students receiving a high-level education and wealth of opportunities. We have a large and constantly growing population of students from around the world and as such have the infrastructure and the experience to integrate them quickly and easily.

Happy to Welcome you

It’s not just on-campus that you will experience an open and welcoming culture. Our nation is built on acceptance and equality, so you will find yourself welcome wherever your travels take you. You’ll find immigrants and Canadian nationals interwoven and living in a way that appreciates the best of what each culture can bring.

Quality of Life

Canadians are known to be happy and laidback, but it’s not without reason. Our quality of life is superb, with healthcare, education and career opportunities of a high standard. Canada has been chosen as the country with the highest quality of life in the world two years in a row, and we are not looking to break that streak!

Employment Opportunities

International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week during term-time and more during scheduled breaks. Canada also allows students to stay and work after they have completed their studies. This starts as an extension to your Visa terms but can be the first step towards becoming a permanent resident!


Beauty you will Never Forget

We Canadians love nothing more than our natural environment – who wouldn’t when they live somewhere with these remarkable views?! We have 42 national parks and park reserves spread throughout every province. These include UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We also have plentiful nature reserve and wildlands, making for plenty of budget-friendly breath-taking weekends.

Value for Money

Our high education quality and impressive standard of living may make you think Canada is out of your budget, but it is one of the most affordable options for its quality. The USA and UK are both more expensive for the average student per year.

Choose Canada. Choose ACLA.

If you’re considering studying English as a second language abroad, Canada has a lot to offer. Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a unique experience which will couple language skills and cultural exposure to prepare you for life in our nation if you choose it. Whatever life has in store for you, you will never forget your time with us. If you’re ready to start your English language journey, get in touch to chat with our amazing team.

ACLA – let language be your passport to new opportunities.

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