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Join us this Sunday at 10 am Atlantic time for a special Thanksgiving cooking class!

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Early booking discount: Secure your spot for a course in 2021 and receive a 20% discount!

Payment Schedule

For courses in 2020: $500.00 Course Reservation Fee (deducted from overall invoice) at the time of booking. Remainder of the invoice, due at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the course.  

EARLY BOOKING: For courses in 2021 $500.00 Course Reservation Fee (deducted from overall invoice) at the time of booking 50% of invoice on or before 31st of December 2020. Remainder of the invoice due at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the course.

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Start learning English with us at Atlantic Canada Language Academy in-person or online

Canadian English Online

Learn Canadian English Online with our Lunenburg Live Experience through cooking classes, social activities, self-learning, group work, and private tutorials. Get a taste online, then enjoy the flavours when you visit!

English Language Programs

Advance your English with our English Language Programs.  Travel easier, enhance your academic skills or prepare for your English language proficiency tests!

Pathway Program

Our Pathway Program helps you improve your English to meet your University or College required level.

Summer Youth EAL

Summer in Canada is truly magical.  Participate in classes in the morning and then English, Golf, Sailing Tennis, and Artech in the afternoons!

SSEAL Program

Full time or part-time, we welcome our newcomers to Canada  with our SSEAL Program.

Tutoring and Modern Languages

Tutoring and Modern Languages on a variety of subjects from elementary students on up!


Group work
Connect and collaborate with your peers in our virtual classroom setting with other international students and practice communication skills.

Guided self-learning
Advance and learn at your own pace with the support of your  teacher through classroom settings or private lessons.

Private tutoring
Connect with your teacher one-on-one, access our library of private content to guide your learning and get customized advice to progress your learning goals.

How does it work?

We use our Canadian English teaching experience to offer blended learning environments with our world recognized my.eurocentres platform and our Lunenburg NS Canada teachers. 

Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing

Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing All our lessons are designed to cover all aspects of the English Language from passive skills of reading and listening to the productive techniques involved in speaking and writing

Interactive Learning

Collaboratively work on projects and exercises. Access all sort of material including videos, Power Points, quizzes, listening materials and websites

Certificate of Language Proficiency

Certify your language fluency and competency according to the CEFR levels

Get Ready for your  Atlantic Canada Language Academy Experience!

While studying at Atlantic Canada Language Academy (online or in person), you get the Atlantic Canadian Advantage.  

✓ Ever sailed on a boat? Well now you can practice your English skills on the high seas

✓ Love music? Study lyrics and song composition – East Coast Style

✓ Love a good cup of coffee? Spend time chatting with our team over informal coffee breaks at our favorite local places.

Want to do more with your English skills? Then you need the Atlantic Canadian Advantage.  We’re all about culture here!

PS: Yes, we are doing all of these activities online too! Come join us and experience learning like no other.

Lunenburg Live replicates the classroom experience. It includes all the academic elements of our classroom experience: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  

We combine these with 21st Century Skills, which are an important part of our teaching methodology.

Our course fosters mediation skills such as critical thinking, negotiation, digital literacy, and communication in different environments. To reach this academic objective, we included a combination of:

• Virtual live classes  
• Group work  
• Self-learning  
• Private tutoring

Let’s talk about communication skills!

Get The Atlantic Canada Language Academy Learning Advantage TODAY!

Succeed in the workplace
Our online course focuses on developing the communication skills needed to succeed in the workplace, educational field or social environment

Improve your employability
Emphasis is placed on the highly desired ‘soft skills’ required by employers for smooth and clear communication in the workplace

21st Century Skills Certification
Using CEFR descriptors developed uniquely by Eurocentres, our course aims to help students to improve their mediation skills. Receive certification as proof of 21st Century skills competencies after successful course completion

How to book your class

  1. Choose your Course
    Select a course according to your needs and requirements, and purchase online. You can even amend your booking later on to upgrade your course or to choose a different intensity.
  2. Define your Schedule
    Once you have booked your course, our language advisors will contact you to confirm your ideal schedule (timeslot & days) and your starting date (note that these cannot be selected during the online buying process)
  3. Start your course 
    After you have defined your learning schedule, you will receive your log-in details and technical information for you to access your virtual classroom.

Start your English learning journey with us today!

To apply for a study permit you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution.  Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a Designated Learning Institute registered under number O19210345642
97 Kaulbach St, Lunenburg, NS B0J 2C0
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