Atlantic Canadian employer? Your workforce is evolving! We live in an increasingly borderless world and business is changing at pace. Our new multicultural workforces provide Atlantic Canadian employers with access to a wider range of skills and talents than ever before but with it, comes the challenges of communicating with employees whose first language isn’t English. The following programs target workforce English for employees and communications for employers, helping your international team grow and thrive.”

Enhance your English language skills for specific roles, such as medical care, tourism, and call centres. Click for more info.

This 8-week course focuses on workplace communication, teaching English for interviews and work. Click for more info.

For employers who wish to communicate effectively with multicultural staff and clientele. Click for more info.

For more information or bespoke training packages, contact Michelle on

Do you have a talented team but are hampered by communications problems? Are you fed up with training staff only to have them leave? Learning to communicate with a multilingual workforce isn’t difficult and will ensure you hang on to your best workers. Bolster their English skills too and move forward together. Your business can be proud to be an inclusive and diverse team. Connect better with people.

Gain by investing in English communication for your employees
For your employees
- -Workforce English
For you
- - Communication with a Multilingual Workforce

Need something different?

We are happy to discuss bespoke training for you or your employees.

To apply for a study permit you will need a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. Atlantic Canada Language Academy is a Designated Learning Institute registered under number O19210345642
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